Good Food | UX Project

04 | Differentiation Plan
Despite the varying characters or personas, they are all identical in terms of their goal or demand. They all want to achieve or simply have access to a platform that can help them maintain a healthier diet. This single similarity, brings the idea of the application differentiation plan. First, the application aims to achieve differentiation in terms of successfully carrying the concept in a mobile application (since most competitors are only available via desktop.), in order to achieve optimum accessibility for all types of potential users. Second, the application will include a key feature that is the meal-planning and scheduled delivery feature. The third plan notices the visual aspect of the application. The Good Food aims differentiation through disregarding the conventional green-packed color scheme. Instead, whilst still keeping the fresh and bright tone, its color scheme will revolve around yellow.
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Initially, a fourth factor was to be featured in the application. However, after further discussions (with my mentor) and research, the feature was eliminated. It was planned that the application will further its differentiation plan through its own unique gesture-based design. Unfortunately, the idea did not pass because the concept demanded liability on the users - which in a sense, completely disregards the works of a UX designer.