Shafira Nugroho

A student based in Switzerland, who took interest in Product Design, and is now creating art and building a profile as an Interaction/UX/UI designer and Web Developer. As a globetrotter, I am open to take inspiration and learn from the various cultures and innovations that surround me. I seek to further my education and gain work experience in the Design Industry.

About Me

How I Design

Design is an art of clarity and efficiency. The success of a design project can only be achieved with a thorough basis strategy. My process starts by inquiring, analyzing and briefing User needs, organizing the UI Architecture, and applying visual design, which collectively develops the final product. The process encourages the use of wireframes and prototypes to test ideas and efficiently manage iterations.
Design Process
UX/UI Design | Participatory Design | 2019


A poetic visualisation with augmented coloured blocks installation that affords every passerby gently to collaborate nonverbally with other participants and at the same time sends an emotional feedback to the environment.
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UX/UI Design | 2019

Z - Veranstaltung

Z-Veranstaltung or Z-Events is an efficient and lively App helping students of ZHdK browse and find school events to their preference.
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UX/UI Design | Robotics | 2019


A physical computing project that focuses on creating an empathetic robot. What makes things empathetic? The realization of the project reflected a process of finding the balance between technicalities of the code alongside the physical product design of the robot's body.
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UX/UI Design | Data Visualization | 2019

Future Forests

A data visualization project in collaboration with The Crowther Lab of ETH Zürich. Covering current topics of Climate Change and highlighting the great potential within reforestation in helping the situation, this playful, yet realistic screen-based design was made possible to spread awareness.
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UX/UI Design | Film | 2018


As part of a team, we created a short video for a conceptual product called “Kraftmitter”. The project covers filming, audio engineering using Audition CC, and post-production work in Adobe Premier Pro.
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UX/UI Design | 2017


"Haya” aims to satisfy one’s craving for adventure and comfort by providing its users with the option to personalize their online-shopping experience through different categories of “adventures".
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Art & Illustration | 2017

A Whisper From The Voiceless

Through the unifying idea of “The Voiceless” the exhibition discovers and exposse how different individuals experience varying forms of suppression of their individuality, the causes of this silencing and the impact of this suppression on each individual.
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Good Food Mobile
UX/UI Design | 2018

Good Food

A healthier diet, a click away! "Good Food” is a mobile food delivery application. The platform helps its users connect and purchase from a broad selection of healthy take-out food. Through selection of scheduled delivery, the application also provides a unique feature that lets its users plan their meals weekly!
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UX/UI Design | Game | 2018


A Classic with a twist - Snake in the Dark. A remake of the classic game 'Snake' with fresh, new, 90's vibe graphics and additional features. Developed and designed using Processing (Java).
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Contact Me

Communication is key. Feel free to find and contact me for further inquiries through any of my social media platform.
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UX/UI Design | Poster | 2018

Hua Dan Moving Poster

Co-designed and created, the ‘Hua Dan’ project was inspired by the advanced gender-equality & women empowerment movement in Shanghai - The interactive poster hopes to share and inform about such issues.
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UX/UI Design | Film | 2018

A short film production that focused around a conceptual ideation of the near future and its interaction with technology. Worked using tools like Audition CC, color graded using Premier Pro, and developed additional graphics on Illustrator.
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UX/UI Design | Product | 2018


A Two-Part Object Experience group project that focuses on the study of haptic. An experimental process and conceptual ideation in the theme of "Light as Matter".
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